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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 26, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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now on chasing new. >> the friend cat is getting pozen. the suspect is tainting food that animal levers leave out for the stray. >> on these people just doing the citizens of new york a favor. >> that's not an acceptable solution. you have a weird psycho person. >> call it a christmas miracle. earlier this week a janitor was seen holding holy child jesus when he found some unexpected and it's not baby jesus but an actual baby in the manger in the nativity scene. right after birth birth the baby still had
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nonbiblical court attached. >> is an american citizen over friends were in chicago and went aboard the plane. he was told he cannot board the plane. >> it was a nightmare for me. i kept thinking about it how they embarrass me in front of everyone at the airport. >> you have dark hair, your >> it means. >> what is on a quest mark. >> diane at your chasing a story about cats and and on timely in york. >> that's right, keep an eye on your pets because they could end up dead if you live in brooklyn. a dog lover and bayridge tells me tells me there's a rumor going around that of friend, specifically cats are getting poison. the suspects are tainting food that animal lovers leave out for the stray and have killed at least three cats and others of the last three months. so i chase this from bay ridge
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to the so-called poisoning hotspot. as you can can imagine, locals are managed. >> there's always a bunch of pickles up there and cats they don't want dogs p and up up and around their. >> local say they call the cops and there's still no word as to who is leaving out the poison food. in the meantime, keep an eye in your pets and if they show signs of being weak or thirsty, they could be poison. >> they are not necessarily pets. they are straight cats right? it's not like not like someone has a pet cat that's part of the the cat. these are stray cats of which there literally tens of thousands roaming around new york, striving all kinds of god knows what. are these people these people just doing the citizens of new york a favor by reducing the feral cap publishing? >> population? >> is it frozen? >> yes, yes, now you're good go.
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>> the scary part is this is a very busy walkway. people who own dogs and have pets could be check to these poisoning. are stray cats and issue? i'm sure. you could be killing someone's pet. >> people have been leaving shards of glass and poisoning around like birdseed and stuff like that. mostly on shore road. we recently heard about raw meat being left on the street. >> also, what cycle path poisons cat? that's not cool. if. if you want to limit the number feral cats, scoop them up, put them asleep for a minute and then fix them. >> there are tens of thousands of them. >> 20 minutes act toss them in the river, and call it a day.
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>> the problem was these cats, they crawl into engines overnight when it is cold. we have done stories on finding cats in engines. one of the promises these feral cats go in and then they die in your car and then they smell. so maybe that's custom anger. >> it has to be unsanitary. i don't know what can a disease cats carry. cats carry. this is a disgusting problem. they're millions of feral cats across the country. there tens of thousands in new york, somebody has to do something. took a person to rise up and say we've had enough. >> bill, why are you hating on cats? docs can be just as disgusting. >> they do not reproduce in the same way. they are not the same number of stray dogs in new york as well. it's true, there's cats everywhere, there like rats. >> you have some weird psycho person who enjoys killing
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in doing this. >> okay, high-speed chase. >> check out the surveillance photos of the postal workers parading and spitting on to muslim women wearing their head jobs. she's 34 years old and his charge of the hate crime. if all the women into a deli started pointing at them, threatened to burn down their temple. workers at the deli said he has harass people in the past. >> traffic stop gone wrong philadelphia landed state trooper in the hospital. a 17-year-old behind bars. the man was stopped for expired registration on tuesday morning, this escalated to a police chase and shoot out and ended when the car ran into a school bus and burst into flames. he fled the
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scene but was later arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other charges. they're expected to make a full recovery and is removing a bullet from the shoulder. >> tragedy and an accidental credits this post and i could lead to like being say. lynn was married in 2001, his wife fell ill to diabetes and her kidneys started philippine she was put on dialysis and needed a transplant. they put on the donor list which can take years. they put an ad in the courier post in the classified section asking for help. the classified section asking for help. he received attention from the media finally his wife received a transplant 2008. sadly, his wife's body rejected the kidney a year later and she passed in 2011. >> her in 2011. >> her body had been through too much. in february 2011 she passed away while on dialysis, in the chair speemac's been living with the grief since then. that's where. that's where did 2015, young couple from new jersey, or dealing with an eerily similar
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nina was diagnosed with a rare disorder that is causing her kidneys to fail. >> i was in the emergency room and they did testing and found out my kidneys failed. >> the couple was placed on a donor list and nina started dialysis. things were not looking good. franzen family offered but everybody backed out. they are desperate so they had a last resort idea, craigslist. he wrote a heartfelt ad and placed it into what he felt was a general section into craigslist but that was not the case. the ad made its way into the construction materials section on craigslist. glenn, contracted by trade spends his morning on craigslist looking for materials and he sees the ab. the exact story from years later, dine wife, young son and he knew what he had to do. in his mind he already knew he was a match. he replied, what blood type are you?
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reply back, a positive, a match. they decide to meet at his home and they agreed this accidental miracle is underway. glenn underwent testing and it was confirmed he was a perfect match for nina. surgery date is set for next tuesday and glenn gets to do what he is not able to do for his wife, nina had some words for what he was for. >> there is not words to express my gratitude towards him. >> people people are calling glenn and angel, people just think he should do nice things for people. >> people and i each day for life-saving kidney transplant. i don't think this is just a second chance for him her but also for him. it will give him a fresh outlook. >> these are the kind of stories that make you believe in miracles that make you believe that we are going through life and life is happening to us. this is the kind of thing you cannot make happen. >> i talked to both sides and they both agreed to meet me afterward.
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>> keep us posted. >> call it a crisp christmas miracle. earlier this week a janitor was cleaning around the holy child jesus church when he found something unexpected. not baby jesus, the ceramic time but an actual baby here in the manger, and the nativity scene that was set just a bit early. the the baby was in good condition, the baby was carried to full term and believe the mother dropped off the baby right after birth. the baby baby still had the umbilical cord attached. the namesake of this church is the holy child baby jesus church. they have named this name this baby, baby jesus. the baby is an area hospital and is doing well. i'm happy to report there's actually a family apart of this parish that would like to adopt the baby. i spoke to the father of the parish.
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someone who although in the difficult times still chose life. still chose to give birth to this baby, still new to give a home to him in holy child jesus. >> they do not expect repercussions to come to the mother. the nypd do not feel the same way. they feel she did in fact abandon her child. >> i looked into this and i did notice there is something called the say pavement mall. it is enacted in all 50 states. here in new new york for example, a baby can be dropped off within 30 days of his birth to a suitable person, and a suitable location. they do not know her whereabouts or identity at this time. there is a surveillance video of her around the corner at the store purchasing towels to wrap her child them. so the nypd is um-hum for this woman. the happy ending happy ending is that baby jesus is in good condition, and a family here at
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that baby. >> from your mother. >> i hear this story and i do understand why the law exists because you surely don't want to encourage this type of behavior. i think this is an example of a time when the police department needs to move on. they need to be thankful this baby is going to find a wonderful home, so many babies are unwanted, they end up in a system and they cannot find a home. this is >> they got it worked out in >> thanks, merry christmas, happy holidays. >> an american citizen was told he cannot bore the plane. >> like they embarrass me in
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. i'm very thankful for my friends, my family, all your beautiful faces. i love you i love you so much. as wonderful as my tribute it is not wonderful as the weather we got from nasa. we got a shot out from scott kelly. >> for me be in a middle-class get from new jersey and have the privilege to come up. represent my country like this. this is what i am thankful i am thankful for this thanksgiving. >> and even gave us an insight into what they thanks giving is going to be like in space. i can
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floating potatoes or something. >> man, they are delicious. happy thanksgiving everybody. >> your fisherman from new jersey you know that is striper season in the fall and i'm here with dennis. >> hi dennis. >> jessica caught a nice striper. >> it wasn't a keeper so we will keep trying. >> all you put it back. >> it was a huge fish too. and they're like it's not a keeper. is that what you're bringing to thanksgiving dinner? >> that's what the pilgrims brought,. >> sergio last week you were chasen's story about two men who were delayed getting onto a plate in chicago back to philadelphia. at least one passenger complained they felt unsafe because the men were speaking in arabic.
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citizen and business owner was visiting family and friends in chicago. when it was time to board the plane he was told he could not board the plane. prior to that to that he is have a conversation with his friend about their vacation, what they're doing, but they were talking in their native language of arabic and they have every right to because he is an american citizen. eventually he was able to board the plane, but before that he called the police. once he boarded the plane passengers were still saying and taunting him a little. >> so how do you feel, and how did you feel then and how do you feel now? was the motion. >> right now is like a nightmare to me. i keep thinking about what happened and how they a bear's me in front of everyone at the airport. >> like you have dark hair, you have facial hair, that's what it means. it means that there. >> what does that mean? >> a lot of people think i'm puerto rican. when i lived in california my
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first day of high school, i'm not singled out no race, no nothing, okay where okay where you from, mexican guy came up to me and told me he didn't like me because i was black. because the way look. so i understand where he's coming from. >> that's why asked the question because it happens. >> it does happen of course it does. >> i really have a problem with what we're talking about here in the fact that we're not addressing the true problem. we have created a beast. we have created a situation where we are marginalize people because they speak a certain language. you're an american, just because you speak arabic does not mean you're a terrorist. >> how much blame to put on much blame do put on the terrace out there? i'll give you an example. when my grandfather was in the marine corps, world war ii, my great-grandfather was questioned by the fbi. years later my dad asked him and because he was italian and he said, my dad said to him, how did you feel about that?
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with your mad at the fbi? my great-grandfather said no i wasn't mad at the fbi, i was mad it was selena because was selena was the one who tainted the >> have you heard from the airline question work. >> after i called 911 and they see that i was not given up in some of the passengers passed by stopped and involve them selves and said it was not fair or right. so they put some pressure on them and then they decide to change their mind and let me in the airplane. normally. >> hank is going to go to the pizza shop. we do foodie foodie friday, is going to your pizza and i were going to judge you on your pizza. >> thank you so much. >> we all know popstar and celebrity taylor swift but what about the other taylor swift around the country? we talk to them taylor adam swift was 30 years old, he started to receive so much on
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attentional female that he had to change his e-mail address. with one man messaging him every 15 minutes. he also said he gave a ted ted talk and the crowd was very let down because he was the one who rolled up. >> today is an important day and i feel it is coming now for a month and a half, filled with lunch, dinners, patters, today's the patters, today is monica's last day on jc news. it has been quite a run, you are more than a collie, your good friend, i wish you all the best, you are going to be a star. you are heading to fox five in dc. were going to miss you. >> i'm going to miss you. >> i'm going to miss you too. thank you bill. >> [applause]. i'm going deserves a turkey dinner at thanksgiving. >> we have to be thehe middleman.
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thanksgiving without the turkey. >> michigan a deliver a high-speed chase will last a question. >> high-speed chase. michael starts off. >> check out the surveillance photos of the postal worker.
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. >> everybody deserves a good turkey dinner on thanksgiving so i chased a holiday goodwell with bill and renee stafford who veterans. new jersey. i met them at the gourmet
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kitchen factory in england where they made these meals. >> oh my gosh, it is not thanksgiving without the turkey. they just open mj food and clothing rescue, not for prophet to help better community members in the. it all started with an amazing story. >> back in 1999 we lost everything and hurricane floyd. in a matter of ten minutes we are homeless, we had nothing left. sometimes things like that can kill you, sometimes it makes you stronger. >> than it was time to hit than it was time to hit the road, we packed up 500 meals and four cars and we're off to our next location which was -- it was way between three and 5 pounds each. i'm in a three car caravan and together we are caring about 1000 meals. we pulled up to bodies of new jersey, they're so much food we needed an assembly line to get in. they welcomed up with open arms, they were so excited. our next stop we are heading off
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i'm a marine. you hear sad stories about how veterans don't have enough food to get through the work. >> next up, we're out to where we are going to a senior citizen's home. we delivered fictions to make a damn good meal. >> we have to be the middleman. we cannot wait for redtape. there's too many people that need help. >> everything for the meal help. >> everything for the meal was donated. it was a such a thanks thanksgiving that i brought out a pumpkin pie for you guys. but my favorite bakery. >> who are they fighting against. >> laughter hurricane floyd they lost everything it took them days just to get help, to get food stamps, to get all the things they needed to get back on their feet. >> there are not a lot of services available to help people in that situation. so we help all kinds of people.
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>> when you're in that situation where we don't have home, you, you don't have food, you need something immediately. let's eat. >> okay, i'm done. >> hunters helping the hungry. >> how there had helping for family one deer at a time. >> they have already fed 1 million mouths. >> i don't talk about that. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your
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